Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How can Streaming Television Inc offer me streaming television access at no cost?

A.  Our goal is to ensure that people across America have a platform, which allows them to hear directly from people in the community, with educational and informative video programming consistently, through television. The only way to achieve our goal is to provide those individuals with free consistent access, which is supported by local and national commercial ads.

Q.  How long will our programming stream weekly?

A.  We do not have a limit on your access if terms and conditions are met.

Q.  Where can television viewers watch my programming?

A.  As we complete our network roll-out, your weekly scheduled programming will reach all Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and Mobile Devices.  Viewers simply search by using the name of your City and downloading the City network app on their device.

 Q.   Are there options to have a weekly scheduled program, longer than the free 28-minute time-slot offered?

 A.  Yes, we offer time-slot expansion plans which increase the time-slot to 56-60, 84-90, or 112-120 minutes, for a small monthly fee.

QCan I claim more than one free time-slot?

A.  No, we only allow individual video content creators to claim 1 28-minute weekly time-slot. We do offer the option to pay a small monthly fee to expand the time by 28-30 minute increments.

Q.   After my claim/notification request form submission, when can I start sending my video content?

A.   Once we receive the request from a qualified Individual video content creator, we confirm if their location is in a city with a launched local City Streaming TV Network. We then send a notification email with time-slot confirmation and a link to upload video content for scheduling.

If the location is in a city that has not launched yet, we send a notification email, informing the organization representative that they will be notified 30 days before the launch of that City's Streaming TV Network of channels